What's The Haf-Clip?

The Haf-Clip, put simply, is a better, easier way to carry gear on your bike. Like a helmet or chinbar on a climb, your shell when you don't want to over heat, or how about a mesh bag for long gravel rides.

Whatever your need, if you can strap it, The Haf-Clips got you!

  • Version 2.0

    Made out of out aluminum

    Softer Edges - keeps straps safe

  • Modern Forks

    Built around the industry standard 28.6mm tapered steer tube

  • 5mm Spacer

    Add or remove an existing 5mm spacer above your or below your stem

  • Easy to Install Above or Under Stem

    Unscrew the top-cap, add or remove spacers and screw the top-cap back on. Now go ride!

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