About Us

For Riders, Like Us

I too am a rider, like you. Ok, so maybe not as good as some of you but I am passionate about riding. Burke, my go-to. Fromme, love it and try to get there once or twice a week. I think I can hold my own. Pipeline (Fromme - North Vancouver, BC) is my Nemesis. Ridden Art (Burke - Coquitlam, BC) is one of my favs. And who doesn’t love some Lower Oil Can (Fromme - North Vancouver, BC).

When I first started riding with a full-face helmet, I carried it on the bars. What a pain! So, I added a backpack with helmet hooks. Great, so I had a place to carry my helmet and more gear. As irritating as it is carrying a full-face on your back, it is WAY better then on the bars.

Was there a better way?

The summer of 2021 was HOT here in BC. A full backpack with a helmet just made riding that much hotter. A hip-pack is a great solution, but what about helmet hooks? I did what everyone does, DEALT WITH IT! As they say: Use an Amazon Velcro strap! Use chin straps! Carry it on your arm! Strap it to the Saddle!

Sure, these all work….or do they? There must be a better way.

Que The Haf-Clip. Literally, born out of my garage

After showing it to a buddy, after one ride he said, “WOW, that’s WAY better”. I knew I WAS on something.

Designed to carry a full-face helmet, other riders showed me it was more. Helmets, chinbars, pads, gear, small bags for gravel rides; if you can strap it, The Haf-Clip’s got you. 

I try my best to keep up on the climbs. Do alright cleaning my go-to trails. And always check my ego at the base of the mountain.

I like to look the part in fancy gear. Keep up with the latest and greatest trends. And the tech-geek in me is always looking for the next upgrade.

Passionate about riding, I hope to see you on the trails.

Enjoy your Haf-Clip!