Excerpt of NSMB Article: Where Have All The Chin Bars Gone?

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On the Chameleon, I've been playing with the steerer-mounted HAF-CLIP, which works well and has a time-honoured background story when it comes to mountain bike products.

The proprietor, Hafez, is one of the many folks who discovered mountain biking some 18-months ago. The government closed down his previously-preferred form of exercise, hitting the gym, as part of their response to Covid-19. And of course, mountain biking is awesome so he's become rather obsessed with it. But, there's also a fair amount of crashing involved in progressing through the local trail network and, thus, a full-face helmet makes a lot of sense. But, how best to carry a DH lid when climbing up gravel fireroads or a removable chin bar when climbing in general if you aren't wearing a pack?

His clip takes the place of a headset spacer and I'm sure it would be handy for strapping on other stuff as well. I've just used it for full-face helmets and chin bars and I think it works great.

All photos credit: Andrew Major of NSMB.com